Ingredients List E-P

Egyptyl LS9591

       It is a botanical active extracted from germinated ‘Pharaon wheat’ seeds.

Wheat Seed Extract (Triticum Turgidum Durum Seed Extract)

       Energising and anti-urban stress


       Dextrin Palmitate is a useful oil thickener.


Evening Primrose Oil (Oenothera biennis)

       An excellent moisturiser that is rich in vitamins and minerals, with anti-inflammatory and emollient benefits, it assists the healthy functioning of body tissues and will helps conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.


Eyeseryl (Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5) Patented Complex

       Composed of natural amino acids it is derived from plant/fermentation sources.

       Eyeseryl has been proven in scientific trials to enhance skin elasticity and skin smoothness and to have a decongesting effect. 

       It fights oedema-forming mechanisms such as liquid retention, reducing the appearance of ‘puffy’ eyes.

       The draining effect of EYESERYL® achieves a reduction of puffy eye-bags in only 15 days – fast anti-eye-bag action

       Puffiness under the eyes is greatly reduced, even after only 15 days! - 70% of the volunteers had improved at Day 15.

       At the end of the test, 95% of the volunteers had improved:

       30% showed a slight improvement (grade 2)

       30% showed a fairly good improvement (grade 3)

       35% showed a good improvement (grade 4)


Firmiderm™ LS 9120 (Patented Process)

       (3-plant extracts complex)


       Skin firmness and improvement of skin elasticity


Frangipani Absolute (Plumeria acutifolia)

       Refreshes and assists in deep cleansing, has a wonderful odour profile with uplifting abilities.


Geranium Oil (Pelargonium graveolens Leaf Oil)

       On the skin, rose geranium oil helps to balance the secretion of sebum and clears sluggish and oily skins, while the antiseptic and cicatrisant properties make this oil an effective aid to help with burns, wounds, ulcers and other skin problems.

       This uplifting oil has a great all-over balancing effect and this extends to the skin - where it helps to create balance between oily and dry skin, keeping the skin supple and clearing congested skin.


Ginkgo Biloba Extract

       Ginkgo biloba leaf extract is an extract of the leaf of Ginkgo biloba.

       It is classified as a biological product and is used as a miscellaneous skin-conditioning agent. It is also known as extract of maidenhair.

       The therapeutic properties of this herb in skin care is that of being a vasodilator, increasing circulation, improving sebaceous secretions, decreasing capillary hyper-permeability, improving tissue irrigation and activates cell metabolism (especially in the cortex, by increasing glucose and oxygen uptake). It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties.

       It furthermore increases the creation of fibroblast, collagen and extracellular fibronectin, (Kim, S. J.," Effects of Flavonoids of Ginkgo biloba on Proliferation of Human Skin Fibroblast",

       Skin Pharmacology," 1997; 10:200-205) while also exhibiting good anti-oxidant qualities. (Planta Medica, April 2002, pages 316-321.) (Skin Pharmacology and Applied Skin Physiology, July-August 1997, pages 200-205.) (Bederecioglu, M, Tercan, Mustafa, Ozyagan, Irfan.



       It is an active cosmetic ingredient that inhibits collagen destruction by matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) enzymes.

       With aging, often stressful lifestyles and exposure to harmful environmental irritants, the activity of these enzymes increases, affecting the extracellular matrix.

       It is recommended for the prevention of dark circles under and around the eyes, stellate veins, rosacea and varicose veins. 



       A humectant (water-attracting/binding ingredient) that occurs naturally in both vegetable oils and animal oils.

       A moisturising ingredient derived from vegetable oils that bind water to the skin to boost hydration levels. Because it is not technically oil itself, this water-soluble ingredient will not clog pores or contribute to acne formation.


Glycerol Stearate

       An ingredient composed of fats and oils. At room temperature, the fats are usually solid and the oils are generally liquid. Some tropical oils are liquids in their sites of origin and become solids in cooler or different applications.

      These multitudinous fats and oils are used in cosmetics as emollients and lubricants as well as water-binding and thickening agents.


Grape Seed Extract (Vitis Vinifera Extract)

       Grape Seed Extract has mildly astringent qualities which help to tighten and tone the skin, making it useful for acne and other skin conditions. 

       Grape seed extract contains proanthocyanidins, which are considered to be very potent antioxidants, helpful for diminishing the sun's damaging effects, lessening free-radical damage and is also helpful in wound healing.

       It is rich in linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid important for the skin and the cell membranes, with regenerative and skin moisturising properties.


Grape Seed Oil (Vitis vinifera)

       Expressed from grape seeds, it is a rich, soothing, carrier oil that does not cause allergic reactions.


Green Coffee Bean Extract (Coffea Arabica Seed Extract)

      Green Coffee Bean Extract is one of the hottest new ingredients on the market for anti-aging formulas. Why? It's backed by science! Studies show Green Coffee Bean has stronger antioxidant properties than the other natural anti-oxidants like green tea and grape seed extract.

      Coffee beans have polyphenols which act to help reduce free oxygen radicals in the body. Green coffee bean extract is sometimes standardised to more than 50% chlorogenic Acid.

      Chlorogenic Acid is the compound present in coffee which has been long known as for its beneficial properties.

      This active ingredient makes green coffee bean an excellent agent to absorb free oxygen radicals; as well as helping to avert hydroxyl radicals, both which contribute to degradation of cells in the body. 

       Green coffee bean extract is made from the green beans of the Coffea Arabica plant.


Green Tea Extract (Camellia sinensis leaf extract)

       Rich with powerful antioxidants it helps protect the skin from damaging environmental factors including sun exposure, air pollutants and dehydration, which can lead to permanent skin damage. 

       It is thought to have anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties.


Hibiscus Extract (Hibiscus esculentus extract)

       It improves skin flexibility and elasticity, as well as creates higher moisture levels in the skin.

       It has astringent, antiinflammatory, and removes free radicals.


Horse chestnut (Aesculus Hippocastanum Ext)


       Aesculus Hippocastanum seed extract is an extract of the nut of the horse chestnut tree, Aesculus Hippocastanum. It is classified as a biological product and is used as a miscellaneous skin-conditioning agent. It is also known as horse chestnut extract.

      Hundreds of clinical studies have been undertaken to prove, without any doubt, the effectiveness of horse chestnut and its active ingredient escin, on the health of veins and capillaries, and the strengthening effect is has on them. These tests also show the accompanying benefit, which is improved circulation.

       Puffiness and oedema, caused by capillary leaking, is prevented and corrected with the application of this compound and the triterpene glycoside contains anti-exudative and vascular astringent, which reduces the lysosomal enzymes activity, which normally is found in people with problems with their veins and circulation. It also assists in reducing the breakdown of glycoacalyx (mucopolysaccharides) in the capillary walls.

       It acts as an antioxidant, to inhibit the enzymes collagenase and elastase, which results in healthier collagen and supportive skin structures, leading to a healthier, younger looking skin, while the excellent anti-inflammatory action further promotes a clear healthy skin.

       To summarise the benefits of horse chestnut extract:

o     it is a compound that protects and strengthens the veins and capillaries

o     Prevents cellular filtration (leaking)

o     Promotes better and healthier collagen

o     Fights inflammation - thus making it an all-round promoter of better, healthier and younger looking skin.


 Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate)

       A cellular renewal ingredient and healing agent that is found in all human cells, Hyaluronic acid (also known as a Glcosaminoglycans) is often touted for its ability to "reverse" or stop aging.

       Hyaluronic acid is a component of the body's connective tissues, and is known to cushion and lubricate. As you age, however, the forces of nature destroy hyaluronic acid. Diet and smoking can also affect your body's level of hyaluronic acid over time.

       Skin care products with hyaluronic acid are most frequently used to treat wrinkled skin.

       Deep hydration of skin cells.

       "Plumps-up" skin tissue to soften wrinkles, lines.

       Great for plumping lips.

       Reduces appearance of spider veins.

       Reduces the appearance of varicose veins.

       Reduces dark circles around eyes.

       Reduces appearance of Rosacea.

       Protects against environmental skin irritation.


Hydrocotyle (Centella Asiatica Extract)

      Centella asiatica extract is an extract of the leaves and roots of the Hydrocotyle Centella asiatica. It is classed as a biological product and is used as a miscellaneous skin-conditioning agent.

       It is also known as extract of Hydrocotyle, Fo-ti-tieng extract, gotu kola extract, Hydrocotyle extract and Hydrocotyle asiatica extract.

      The primary active constituents of Centella are saponins (also called triterpenoids), which include asiaticoside, madecassoside and madasiatic acid.

      The asiaticosides and triterpenes extracted from the plant have modulating properties on the development and metabolism of connective tissue, improve the synthesis of collagen and other tissue proteins by modulating the action of fibroblasts in the vein wall, and stimulate collagen remodelling in and around the venous wall.

      They therefore improve wound repair, with a better re-epithialisation and a normalisation of perivascular connective tissue, thus allowing an improvement of the venous wall tone and elasticity.

      It is found that in poor connective tissue conditions, the triterpenes are able to renew the collagen, in quantity and quality, and restore tissue firmness and skin elasticity, improving skin appearance and comfort. Apart from this it also has anti-psoriatic properties.


Hydrolised Yeast Protein

       Used to reduce the sebum flow and normalize sebum production.

       Revitalises the skin with moisture, fighting dryness and giving the skin a radiant appearance.

       Restores the comfort of soft, elastic, and healthy skin; reduces facial lines; and improves dry skin.


Imindinyl® LS 9045 (Tamarind Seed Extract) Tamarindus Indica Seed Polysaccharide

       Tamarind Tree is a native of East Africa and India, with seeds rich in polysaccharides (especially galactoxyloglycans).

       extract has been shown in studies to improve skin elasticity, hydration, moisturisation and smoothness.

       Immune system, stimulation of skin defence

       Anti-free radicals

       Cell regeneration


Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis seed oil)

       Jojoba oil is a natural cellular renewal ingredient, is antibacterial, highly penetrating and assists in breaking down sebum in clogged pores.

       Useful in treating acne, eczema and other skin disorders, it is also excellent moisturiser that is ideal for all skin types.


Jojoba beads (esters)

       This multi-purpose, crushable jojoba bead offers gentle exfoliation and moisturisation, while releasing actives.

       Applicable in both leave-on and rinse off formulations.


Lavender Oil (Lavender officinalis oil)

      Its balancing action on the skin makes it  perfect to be used in cases of abscesses, acne, carbuncles, eczema, minor infections, oily skin, boils, burns, sunburn, wounds and psoriasis, while it rubefacient properties increase blood circulation and relieve congested skin.

      The fact that it contains excellent antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, bactericide and anti-inflammatory properties, makes it ideal to be included in any product that is to be used for skin problems, and for acne skin in particular.

       It also tones the skin and coupled with all its other excellent properties make this one of the most useful essential oils for all skin types and a great help in sorting out a variety of skin problems.



LipoReductyl and Tri-peptide 1

      This ingredient - Tripeptide-1 - is a specialised molecule that is a synthetic peptide, containing three amino acid residues - glycerine, histidine and lysine. It is a patented ingredient made by Lipotec in Spain and is classified as a protein derivative. It is used as a miscellaneous skin-conditioning agent.

       LIPOREDUCTYL® is a liposomal formulation that fights cellulite and prevents adipocyte maturation

       It is a pro-liposome manufactured as a multi-extrusion composite of classical anti-cellulite extracts combined with the synergistic effect of a GHK tripeptide.

       The pro-liposomal formula ensures formation of liposomes once blended into the final preparation.

       These special liposomes ensure effective penetration, so transport of the actives to the deepest layers of the epidermis allows effective action on both the lipolytic and venotonic fronts.


       Water (aqua), glycerin, lecithin, caffeine, butcher’s broom (ruscus aculeatus) extract, tea hydroiodide, propylene glycol, ivy (hedera helix) extract, carnitine, escin, tripeptide-1, xanthan gum, carrageenans (chondrus crispus)

Four Cellulite fighting Actions

  1. Traditional lipolytic activity provided by classic anti-cellulite extracts with proven efficacy
  2. Activation of microcirculation due to the powerful venotonic profile of several actives
  3. Revolutionary cellulite prevention due to the specific inhibition of adipocyte maturation
  4. The GHK tripeptide acts as scavenger for by-products of lipid peroxidation.

 Liquorice Root Extract (Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract)

       Derived from the licorice plant.  It inhibits the activity of tyrosinase, the enzyme in the skin pigment cells (melanocytes) that makes melanin. 

       This helps to even out skin tone by visibly diminishing the appearance of age spots, freckles and other skin discolourations. 

       Liquorice also has anti-inflammatory properties to sooth and calms the skin.


Mango Butter (Mangifera indica seed oil)

       Mango butter is yet another tropical butter that has a similar composition to Shea and Cocoa; however the fatty acid content profile is slightly different and enhances the spectrum of natural EFAs, antioxidants and vitamins.

       It smells sweet and nutty in its pure form, generally has a warm creamy colour and is solid at room temperature.

       It also melts at body temperature or upon contact with skin and disperses smoothly, providing a protective, emollient layer.


May Chang Oil (Litsea Cubeba Fruit Oil)

       May Chang oil may be used for the treatment of acne, excessive perspiration and oily skin.

         This oil is helpful for general skin cleansing due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.


Mulberry Root Extract (Morus Alba Root Extract)

       Derived from the mulberry plant.

       Due to its arbutin content, this extract can inhibit the formation of melanin. 

       This helps to even out skin tone by visibly diminishing the appearance of age spots, freckles and other skin discolourations.



       It is one of the best oils for the face as it helps regenerate skin cells

       Neroli oil, also known as "orange blossom," encourages the skins innate elasticity and is best for treating scarring, stretch marks and aging skin.


Patouli Leaf Oil (Pogostemon Cablin Leaf Oil)

       Great skin care ingredient and cell rejuvenator.

       Patchouli is a great fixative ingredient (a fixative is a substance that binds other compounds; slowing down their evaporation and thereby making the fragrance last longer).

       Useful in healing skin problems that are a bit of a bother to heal such as acne, allergies and types of eczema.


Peach Leaf Extract (Prunus Persica Leaf Extract)

       The kernel oil, juice and extracts of the leaves and fruit of a tree native to China used as a conditioning and moisturising agents.

       The kernel oil is an easily absorbed light emollient containing vitamin E, which that is good for dry or sensitive skin types. Also used as a massage oil.

       Peach leaf extract provides added skin lightening properties while helping skin retain moisture.

       Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Peppermint Oil (Menta Piperata Leaf Extract)

       Menthol, the main active ingredient, has a soothing and cooling effect when applied to skin, and is used to treat itching and skin irritation such as hives.

       Used for its invigorating and stimulating effects (, eg foot creams and, scrubs), it is also used in oral products to treat bad breath and gum infections, and in insect repellents.

       The extracts of the leaves and oil are believed to have medicinal properties; anti-microbial.


Phytofirm LS9798 (Patented Process)

       Firms and tightens skin

       Conditions and energises skin.

Polyol (Mannitol)

       Highly purified oil bases for cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.

       They have relatively high polarity and are good solvents for substances which are difficult to dissolve. Mannitol is a nutritive sweetener and non-carcinogenic.

       They have low-melting temperature and are non-greasy.


       Caffeine presents a lipolytic effect: it blocks enzymes responsible for the destruction of AMPc, which is involved in triglycerides breakage.

       It also possesses vasodilator properties, increasing blood flow. Therefore, it contributes in both the lipolytic and venotonic effect. 

Irish Moss Extract (Chondros Crispus (Carageenan)

      Irish Moss is a seaweed

      An antioxidant that helps to heal the skin.

      Known for its moisturizing, soothing and skin-nourishing properties.

      Aids in barrier repair by helping the skin retain essential moisture

Mermaid’s Hair (Algae) Extract (Laminaria Digitata Extract)

       All seaweeds are rich in compounds that are of specific use in the cosmetic industry, such as polygalactosides, fucose polymers and ursolic acid.

       Polygalactosides react with the protective outer surface of the skin and the Ion-ion interaction form a protective moisturizing complex, while the fucose polymers are hygroscopic and act as hydrating agents and the ursolic acid can help form a protective barrier on the skin.

       They contain abundant non-essential and essential amino acids such as proline, glycine and lycine - all of these which are found in the elastic fibers of the skin as well. With this in mind, these ingredients alone would be helpful for the skin's elasticity by increasing hydration and thereby maintaining and improving the skin's elasticity.

       Laminaria is used mainly in treatments against cellulite and obesity, either alone or combined with other extracts to enhance its activity.

       Antibacterial properties have also been attributed to this seaweed.

Knotted Wrack (Algae) Extract (Ascophyllum Nodosum Extract)

       Used in skin care as a soothing agent, it activates the cutaneous microcirculation and has anti-irritant properties.


Potassium palmitoyl hydrolysed wheat protein

       Combination of wheat proteins agents to soften the emulsion. It is a proprietary ingredient emulsifier.

       The skin easily absorbs these short chain proteins where they act as powerful moisturisers due to their ability to attract and bind moisture.

       Our company is the first in Australia to use this product commercially.